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December 7, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Term Four – Week Nine

What a hot end to the week!
This week students were fortunate enough to attend the Junior School Council organised disco.
Year 3s arrived at school dressed to the nines, ready for their disco that started at 3:15pm.
The heat didn’t deter the students and it was a wonderful event – topped off with an icy pole at the end!

The year 3s have also been busily working on their sustainability projects for inquiry, getting ready for their expo on Thursday. It has been so impressive to watch students design their products and find solutions to issues that have arisen with their designs.
All families are invited to come and visit the Year 3 expo on the afternoon of Thursday 13th December from 2:30pm – 3:30pm.

During Maths students have been consolidating their knowledge of place value and whole numbers and have started developing their understanding of chance.
In Writing, students have been building their knowledge of the discussion text type and its structure. Students have been exposed to multiple discussion pieces and have started experimenting with writing their own, with some students selecting their own topics of interest to write about.

Well done to all the students who auditioned for the Victorian State School Spectacular for 2019. A big congratulations to the following students for being selected
– Zoe Eckermann
– Jorja Morton
– Jocelyn Bowen
– Jack Day
– Anushree Yadav
– Lucy Edney
– Jane Nguyen
– Maya Rundle
– Isabel Savige
– Phoebe Wood
– Tejal Kesarapu
– Anesha Narwal
– Alicia Nguyen
– Sophie Tully
– Toby Blank
– Mia Knothe

– Book packs for 2019 are being picked up this coming week by students who have paid their fees. If you are wanting your child to be able to collect their Year 4 book pack, please ensure these fees are paid to the office prior to Wednesday
– Carols in Black’s Walk are this coming Friday 14th December at 5:30pm – 8:30pm
– If your child is finishing school prior to December 21st, please ensure your child’s teacher has notification of this in writing
– The Year 3 inquiry expo is this Thursday 13th December from 2:30pm – 3:30pm in the year 3 classrooms. Families are invited to come and visit to see the wonderful projects students have been working on

December 2, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Term Four – Week Eight

So much still to do, so little time left!

This week during inquiry students in Year 3 have been busily creating PowerPoint presentations about their new and improved packaging solutions for everyday items. Students will present these to their class and convince the audience that what they have designed is the best possible solution for their chosen product.
It has been wonderful to see so much enthusiasm from the students during this unit and all the teachers have been blown away by the innovative design ideas students have come up with.

On Thursday evening, Mrs Mackenzie help State School Spectacular auditions for year students. Congratulations to everyone that put in the time to practice and learn the dance and who gave it a shot.
Finalists will be announced in the coming week, with rehearsals beginning in 2019.

– Thursday 6th December is the JSC disco – the year 3 disco starts at 3.15pm and finishes at 4.15pm. If your child is attending, their teacher will sign them in at 3.15pm. A parent or guardian must pick children up at 4.15pm; students must be signed out prior to leaving the school
– Fee information was sent home with students a couple of weeks ago – please look through this and return it to school as soon as possible. Students will not be able to pick up a stationary pack if this has not been paid
– Please encourage your children to read for at least 10 minutes every day (and record their reading in their reading logs/diaries). As the end of the year is drawing closer, many students are forgetting to read daily, though we encourage students to develop a habit of reading every night, even during the holidays

November 28, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Term Four – Week Seven

This week the Year 3s were lucky enough to have Rachel (Maya’s mum) come out and talk about sustainability. This was a really great talk that helped students better understand the project they will be creating during their inquiry unit.
Students have been working hard on creating a more sustainable design for packaging on everyday items and will have the opportunity to present this to the school and parents during week 10 when we have an open afternoon.

November 10, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Term Four – Week Five

After some much needed rest on Tuesday, LPS was straight back into the swing of things on Wednesday! (Never a dull moment!)

Year 3 students have continued to develop their inferring skills during Reading, their explanation structure and language features knowledge during Writing, their money and financial matters understanding during Maths Number and have begun work on location and transformations for Maths Applied. During Inquiry, students continue to delve into the unsustainable practices of communities and the impact this has on the environment.

Friday 9th November was ‘Do It For a Farmer’ Day. Students were encouraged to dress up as something to do with a farm and bring in a gold coin donation, with all money raised being donated to Farmers in need during this difficult and dry time for them.
It was great to see so many students get in the spirit, with some choosing not to dress up but donated money anyway.
At 2pm, the whole school made their way to the oval to perform a massed Heel Toe Polka. What a hit!
Students and teachers alike had a marvellous time ‘gettin’ their groove on!’
Mia and Felix, JSC representatives for 3S, had the privilege of announcing that altogether, the school community raised a WHOPPING $900 for the farmers. The largest amount the JSC has ever collected for a fundraiser!
Goes to show how people come together in times of need.

– ‘Hands on Science’ incursion money is due on Monday – if this has still not been paid, be do so as soon as possible
– JSC disco notices have gone home, if your child wishes to attend the disco, please return the permission form and money as quickly as possible
– Fee information for 2019 has been sent home, please read through this carefully
– Students have been given a maths game for homework this week regarding money, please encourage them to set the game up and play against someone at home
– Please remind your children to read for at least 10 minutes every night and record this in their diaries

November 4, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Term Four – Week Four

This week all students at LPS were lucky enough to participate in the ‘Count Us In’ Music program where thousands of schools across the country tuned in to sing the original song ‘One Song’ written by a group of primary aged students.
At 12.30pm on Thursday afternoon, the whole school piled into the school hall, took their positions and gave ‘One Song’ their all. It really was wonderful to see!
Thank you to all the parents and carers that came and supported the students of LPS during their performance.

– There is no school on Tuesday as it is Melbourne Cup Day Public Holiday – students are expected at school on Monday
– Friday is ‘Do It For a Farmer’ Day – students are asked to come to school dressed as something to do with the farm and bring a gold coin donation
– JSC Disco notices have gone home. If your child wishes to attend the disco. please send the money and payment back to school ASAP

October 28, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Term Four – Week Three

Week three already over?

This term has only just started but seems to be whizzing by at the speed of light!
This week students analysed the issues with plastic waste on their local environment/school community and what could be done to ease the issue. Many designed and created posters, which can be seen all around the school, encouraging members of the community to ‘Be Part of the Solution, Not the Pollution’ by reducing their reliance on single use plastics and making smarter choices when shopping.
They have continued their work on visualising while reading as a comprehension strategy to strengthen their overall understanding of a text and further explored the structure of the Explanation genre during Writing. Students have been involved in several joint writing constructions to encourage their understanding of the necessary features and will begin independently researching and constructing their own text in the next weeks.

3S with their’Be Part of the Solution, Not the Pollution’ posters

– Permission and payment notices were sent home last week for the ‘Hands-On’ Science incursion. Please send payment to the office and return form as soon as possible
– Students have all received homework and should be completing and returning this weekly (as well as reading at least 10 minutes every night)
– Thursday November 1st at 12.30 is ‘Count Us In’ – where students from thousands of schools across Australia will all tune in and sing the same song at the same time. Interested parents are encouraged to attend in the school hall

October 22, 2018
by meaganr

G.A.T.E.WAYS Festival

Dear Parents/Carers

For your information:

G.A.T.E.WAYS December ‘Festivals of Workshops’ for Prep to Year 6 students

G.A.T.E.WAYS are very excited to inform you of details of their end of year Festival extravaganzas!  They have been running Festivals for many years now and they are a lovely way to finish our year.

The Year 1- 6 Festival will be hosted by Firbank Grammar School in Brighton on Thursday, 13 December and Friday,14 December from 9.30 – 3.15.

This is a PARENT ENROLLED program.





October 20, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Term Four – Week Two

Back to normal!

This week Year 3 students jumped straight back into their learning.
During reading, students are learning to ask themselves questions to help them better understand the text they are reading and become more aware of the voice in their head that assists with their comprehension.
They have started to deconstruct the Explanation writing genre, learning, in depth, about its structure and features before soon attempting to create their own.
In Maths (Number and Algebra), students have been immersed in their learning about Australian money. They have been investigating the total cost of a variety of items and have started working out how much change they would receive from a given amount. During Applied maths lessons students have continued to work on their understanding of length and are beginning to formally work out the area of a shape.
Sustainability is a very prominent issue today and during Inquiry lessons, students are being engaged in learning tasks that encourage them to question whether they are living sustainably and how their actions can affect the environment.

– Hands On science incursion permission forms have gone home, please send these back as soon as possible with payment
– Students that participated in the swimming program are receiving a rebate from the government, this money will be credited to each student’s account and can be used to pay for future activities
– Homework has started to go home, please encourage your children to complete this
– Reading every night for at least 10 minutes is very important – even if your child is not reading aloud to you – and recording their reading in their diary, so we are able to keep track of who is reading regularly
– As sustainability is our main focus for Inquiry this term, we are encouraging students to bring ‘Nude Food’ to school each day – that is, food without wrappers/no rubbish. Each week students who have bought ‘Nude Food’ to school have their names placed into a draw to win a prize at Friday Assembly.

October 11, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Welcome Back for Term 4!

Welcome back to the Year 3 community for the final term of 2018!

We have a lot of exciting learning planned for this term.
In Maths we will be covering Money and Financial Matters, Length, Area, Transformation and Area.
During Inquiry, students will be investigating sustainability in our community.
Students will be focusing on the ‘Explanation’ text type in writing and a variety of comprehension strategies during reading, such as visualising and inferring.

– Homework will be sent home from next week and is due back weekly
– Please remember to encourage your child to read daily as this is vital for their learning
– Term 4 Calendars will be getting sent home early next week – please check this carefully as the specialist timetable has changed

We look forward to a fantastic Term 4. Bring it on!

September 16, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Term Three – Week Nine

Fractions, fractions, fractions!
Students continued to develop their knowledge and understanding of fractions during maths lessons this week. Fractions as decimals (tenths and hundredths) has been the major focus – converting between fractions and decimals and building to the next whole number.

Ways you can help at home with this:
– When looking at the price of an item, you can ask your child what digit is in the hundreds/tens/ones/tenths/hundredths place
– Ask your child how many more cents would be needed to make it to the next dollar
– Ask your child to add the prices of two or more items that are not round dollar amounts – working with the decimal point

Laburnum Primary School was lucky enough to be asked to take part in a free ‘Stomp’ dance trial this week, so students participated in a half an hour dance lesson on Thursday after recess. Students were taught choreographed dance moves, which they performed to a song. The half an hour was jam packed and left students wanting more!

– This Thursday 20th September is Laburnum’s Footy Day – students are asked to come dressed in their favourite football team’s colours
– Friday is the last day of term 3! This means that students will be finishing school at 2.30pm  – please ensure arrangements are made for pick up at this time
– Please encourage students to read every night for at least ten minutes and to record this reading in their diaries. It is vital that students practice their reading as this impacts all other learning areas.

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