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Science: What’s The Matter?


The Year 3 students at Laburnum Primary School are getting ready to put on their lab coats and delve into their Physical and Chemical Science unit, ‘What’s the Matter?’ In the coming weeks, students will learn about states of matter and how solids and liquids change their state by adding or removing heat. They will also investigate how heat can be produced and moves from one object to another.

Whilst learning the content through exciting experiments and observations, our Year 3 scientists will be developing their Science inquiry skills. These include:

  •  Questioning and Predicting by identifying what they want to find out and using prior knowledge to help form their hypothesis.
  • Planning and Conducting experiments and tests, with consideration for fair testing and safe use of materials and equipment.
  • Recording and Processing information collected from experiments and observations, and deciding on how to best present this data.
  • Analysing and Evaluating results by comparing the predicted and actual outcomes, and suggesting possible reasons for these findings.
  • Communicating scientific knowledge and findings with other students, and making connections with similar investigations.

At home, you may want to talk about different states of matter in your kitchen and discuss how they change their form by adding or removing heat. This could be melting and freezing ice, boiling water or melting chocolate on the stove. How many others can you find in your home?

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