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Term Three – Week Nine


Fractions, fractions, fractions!
Students continued to develop their knowledge and understanding of fractions during maths lessons this week. Fractions as decimals (tenths and hundredths) has been the major focus – converting between fractions and decimals and building to the next whole number.

Ways you can help at home with this:
– When looking at the price of an item, you can ask your child what digit is in the hundreds/tens/ones/tenths/hundredths place
– Ask your child how many more cents would be needed to make it to the next dollar
– Ask your child to add the prices of two or more items that are not round dollar amounts – working with the decimal point

Laburnum Primary School was lucky enough to be asked to take part in a free ‘Stomp’ dance trial this week, so students participated in a half an hour dance lesson on Thursday after recess. Students were taught choreographed dance moves, which they performed to a song. The half an hour was jam packed and left students wanting more!

– This Thursday 20th September is Laburnum’s Footy Day – students are asked to come dressed in their favourite football team’s colours
– Friday is the last day of term 3! This means that students will be finishing school at 2.30pm  – please ensure arrangements are made for pick up at this time
– Please encourage students to read every night for at least ten minutes and to record this reading in their diaries. It is vital that students practice their reading as this impacts all other learning areas.

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