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Term Four – Week Two


Back to normal!

This week Year 3 students jumped straight back into their learning.
During reading, students are learning to ask themselves questions to help them better understand the text they are reading and become more aware of the voice in their head that assists with their comprehension.
They have started to deconstruct the Explanation writing genre, learning, in depth, about its structure and features before soon attempting to create their own.
In Maths (Number and Algebra), students have been immersed in their learning about Australian money. They have been investigating the total cost of a variety of items and have started working out how much change they would receive from a given amount. During Applied maths lessons students have continued to work on their understanding of length and are beginning to formally work out the area of a shape.
Sustainability is a very prominent issue today and during Inquiry lessons, students are being engaged in learning tasks that encourage them to question whether they are living sustainably and how their actions can affect the environment.

– Hands On science incursion permission forms have gone home, please send these back as soon as possible with payment
– Students that participated in the swimming program are receiving a rebate from the government, this money will be credited to each student’s account and can be used to pay for future activities
– Homework has started to go home, please encourage your children to complete this
– Reading every night for at least 10 minutes is very important – even if your child is not reading aloud to you – and recording their reading in their diary, so we are able to keep track of who is reading regularly
– As sustainability is our main focus for Inquiry this term, we are encouraging students to bring ‘Nude Food’ to school each day – that is, food without wrappers/no rubbish. Each week students who have bought ‘Nude Food’ to school have their names placed into a draw to win a prize at Friday Assembly.

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