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Term Four – Week Three


Week three already over?

This term has only just started but seems to be whizzing by at the speed of light!
This week students analysed the issues with plastic waste on their local environment/school community and what could be done to ease the issue. Many designed and created posters, which can be seen all around the school, encouraging members of the community to ‘Be Part of the Solution, Not the Pollution’ by reducing their reliance on single use plastics and making smarter choices when shopping.
They have continued their work on visualising while reading as a comprehension strategy to strengthen their overall understanding of a text and further explored the structure of the Explanation genre during Writing. Students have been involved in several joint writing constructions to encourage their understanding of the necessary features and will begin independently researching and constructing their own text in the next weeks.

3S with their’Be Part of the Solution, Not the Pollution’ posters

– Permission and payment notices were sent home last week for the ‘Hands-On’ Science incursion. Please send payment to the office and return form as soon as possible
– Students have all received homework and should be completing and returning this weekly (as well as reading at least 10 minutes every night)
– Thursday November 1st at 12.30 is ‘Count Us In’ – where students from thousands of schools across Australia will all tune in and sing the same song at the same time. Interested parents are encouraged to attend in the school hall

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