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Term Four – Week Five


After some much needed rest on Tuesday, LPS was straight back into the swing of things on Wednesday! (Never a dull moment!)

Year 3 students have continued to develop their inferring skills during Reading, their explanation structure and language features knowledge during Writing, their money and financial matters understanding during Maths Number and have begun work on location and transformations for Maths Applied. During Inquiry, students continue to delve into the unsustainable practices of communities and the impact this has on the environment.

Friday 9th November was ‘Do It For a Farmer’ Day. Students were encouraged to dress up as something to do with a farm and bring in a gold coin donation, with all money raised being donated to Farmers in need during this difficult and dry time for them.
It was great to see so many students get in the spirit, with some choosing not to dress up but donated money anyway.
At 2pm, the whole school made their way to the oval to perform a massed Heel Toe Polka. What a hit!
Students and teachers alike had a marvellous time ‘gettin’ their groove on!’
Mia and Felix, JSC representatives for 3S, had the privilege of announcing that altogether, the school community raised a WHOPPING $900 for the farmers. The largest amount the JSC has ever collected for a fundraiser!
Goes to show how people come together in times of need.

– ‘Hands on Science’ incursion money is due on Monday – if this has still not been paid, be do so as soon as possible
– JSC disco notices have gone home, if your child wishes to attend the disco, please return the permission form and money as quickly as possible
– Fee information for 2019 has been sent home, please read through this carefully
– Students have been given a maths game for homework this week regarding money, please encourage them to set the game up and play against someone at home
– Please remind your children to read for at least 10 minutes every night and record this in their diaries

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