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June 9, 2016
by cfarrelly


The Year 3 students have been hard at work this week. We are leaning to use the division symbol and have found many connections between multiplication and division. These three pictures show the different skill levels of Year 3 students when working on division problems. Some students are working with concrete materials, some students are working on short division and some students are moving onto long division!

IMG_7190 IMG_7191 IMG_7192

It was exciting to work out all of the different arrays to present these 30 cupcakes that were brought in for a student birthday. How many can you find?


Next week we will be exploring division problems involving remainders, stay tuned for more updates!

October 19, 2014
by zoezapantis

Fraction Games

We are currently learning about fractions. The Grade 3 team have shared some of our favourite math games on a document so students can practise their skills at home. Please see our ‘Grade 3 Notices’ page to download and view the document.

March 27, 2014
by zoezapantis

Maths in Grade 3

Over the past week we have been estimating, measuring and learning about length in Mathematics.

What would you measure with a trundle wheel? How do you measure curved surfaces? What are inches? How do you translate metres to centimetres?

These are some of the wonderings that have been investigated in Grade 3.

In 3J, they measured the distance around the oval, the height of one another and even the width of their heads!

3j measure

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