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November 13, 2017
by misstsmith

BYOD 1:1 Netbook Program

Please click on the following links to receive more information regarding the BYOD with Learning with Technologies 1:1 Netbook program for 2018.

We highly recommend that you read all documents by Friday 8th of December.

Acceptable Use of Technologies

BYOD Package 2018

The LWT portal is now open to all Year 3 families, please click on the link for more information.



November 3, 2017
by cfarrelly

Money, Money, Money.

We are learning to calculate change. This week the year threes have applied their learning by constructing products, recording transactions, handling money and calculating change to ensure the success of their own shop.



October 25, 2017
by cfarrelly

Today the Grade 3 students participated in a dance workshop as part of their Spanish subject. The students learnt choreographed routines based on cultural dances and they all had a fabulous time!

October 20, 2017
by cfarrelly


 Dear Parents/Carers,

For your information.

G.A.T.E.WAYS December ‘Festivals of Workshops’ for Prep to Year 6 students

G.A.T.E.WAYS are very excited to inform you of details of their end of year Festival extravaganzas!  They have been running Festivals for many years now and they are a lovely way to finish our year.

The Prep Festival of Workshops will be hosted by Brighton Grammar Middle School, Brighton on Monday, 11 December and Tuesday, 12 December from 9.15 – 3.00pm. The Year 1- 6 Festival will be hosted by Firbank Grammar School in Brighton on Thursday, 14 December and Friday, 15 December from 9.30 – 3.15.

This is a PARENT ENROLLED program.

ENROLMENTS OPEN MONDAY, 23 OCTOBER. Enrolment instructions are on the front page of the brochure and on our website. a4-flyer-1bkin73 eoy-year-3-and-4-brochure-2017-pfuwrk

October 18, 2017
by cfarrelly

Year 3 Hands-On Science

This term our Year 3 students have been learning about Earth and Space Science, with a major focus on “What Causes Day and Night?” Students have also been developing their inquiry skills, including: questioning and predicting, planning and conducting, recording and processing, analysing and evaluating, and communicating.

 This week, each class had a 1 and a half hour incursion with Hands-On Science to learn more about the Earth, Moon and Sun. Students participated in a variety of experiments, which supported their learning about air pressure, the Earth’s axis, how the tilt of the Earth causes our seasons, the Sun’s gravitational pull and why we experience day and night.

See some of our great experiments below!


October 10, 2017
by cfarrelly

Welcome Back!

Hello and welcome to Term 4!

We are hitting the ground running this term with a Science incursion in Week 2. Please ensure you return your child’s permission for ASAP. Our Earth Space Science topic is related to the Earth’s rotation on its axis and how this causes regular changes, including night and day. In addition to curriculum content, we will be focussing on the below skills needed to be a good scientist.

Questioning and predicting

  1. With guidance, identify questions in familiar contexts that can be investigated scientifically and predict what might happen based on prior knowledge (VCSIS065)
Planning and conducting
  1. Suggest ways to plan and conduct investigations to find answers to questions including consideration of the elements of fair tests (VCSIS066)
  2. Safely use appropriate materials, tools, equipment and technologies (VCSIS067)
Recording and processing
  1. Use formal measurements in the collection and recording of observations (VCSIS068)
  2. Use a range of methods including tables and column graphs to represent data and to identify patterns and trends (VCSIS069)
Analysing and evaluating
  1. Compare results with predictions, suggesting possible reasons for findings (VCSIS070)
  2. Reflect on an investigation, including whether a test was fair or not (VCSIS071)
  1. Represent and communicate observations, ideas and findings to show patterns and relationships using formal and informal scientific language (VCSIS072)

September 7, 2017
by cfarrelly

Term 4 Planning

Laburnum will have an alternate specialist timetable for the next two weeks. All Year 3 teachers will be in a planning meeting on Wednesday 13th September, 2017. Specialist classes will run throughout this day in order to relieve the classroom teachers and ensure each child meets their specialist class requirements.

September 1, 2017
by cfarrelly


We have just started to learn about length and capacity. Check out these great snaps from our work this week! Stay tuned for homework on Tuesday 5/9/2017 where length and capacity will be a feature.

August 30, 2017
by cfarrelly

Science: What’s The Matter?

The Year 3 students at Laburnum Primary School are getting ready to put on their lab coats and delve into their Physical and Chemical Science unit, ‘What’s the Matter?’ In the coming weeks, students will learn about states of matter and how solids and liquids change their state by adding or removing heat. They will also investigate how heat can be produced and moves from one object to another.

Whilst learning the content through exciting experiments and observations, our Year 3 scientists will be developing their Science inquiry skills. These include:

  •  Questioning and Predicting by identifying what they want to find out and using prior knowledge to help form their hypothesis.
  • Planning and Conducting experiments and tests, with consideration for fair testing and safe use of materials and equipment.
  • Recording and Processing information collected from experiments and observations, and deciding on how to best present this data.
  • Analysing and Evaluating results by comparing the predicted and actual outcomes, and suggesting possible reasons for these findings.
  • Communicating scientific knowledge and findings with other students, and making connections with similar investigations.

At home, you may want to talk about different states of matter in your kitchen and discuss how they change their form by adding or removing heat. This could be melting and freezing ice, boiling water or melting chocolate on the stove. How many others can you find in your home?

August 23, 2017
by cfarrelly

Year 3 Packaging Expo

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the Year 3 packaging expo from 2:45pm until 3:30pm in the Year 3 classrooms.

 The students have been working hard on their packaging designs and are looking forward to seeing as many parents as possible to show them their creative pieces!


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