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July 22, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Term Three – Week One

Welcome back for Term 3!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed some much needed rest 🙂

We jumped straight in this week with another Learning to Learn program to assist students to settle back into the school routine and to reestablish expectations.

On Friday after recess, students and teachers were rewarded with a wonderful puppet show put on by Camp Quality – a wonderful organisation that support young people who are affected by cancer. They also provide free education in the form of puppet shows for students in schools to help them better understand what those living with cancer face everyday and also eliminate myths surrounding cancer and create supportive communities for those affected.
Both students and teachers got a lot out of this comic program and we all walked away having learned something new.

The students getting involved in the puppet ‘battle’

Miss Marshall being a superhero – making kids laugh

– Parent/teacher interview times are now open for booking, don’t forget to book in soon before all suitable times are taken!
– If you have any outstanding Athletics or Swimming forms that need to be handed it, please do this on Monday – if you are free and are able to volunteer to help on the day of Athletics, please let your child’s teacher know
– Students should be reading every night. Over the holidays, understandably, students often reduce how often they read, though now that we are back please encourage your child to read every night!

July 14, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Term Two – Week Eleven

Busy as bees for the last week of term 2!
A major focus in Year 3 this week was our ‘Is It Alive’ Inquiry unit. Students worked hard to create informative posters about a native Australian plant or animal using the MRSGREN (movement, respiration, sensitivity, growth, reproduction, excretion, nutrition) acronym to characterise it as living.
All the Year 3 teachers were extremely impressed by the work that students produced and loved learning interesting facts that students found.

We hope everyone enjoys their 2 weeks break and rests up, ready for a busy term 3!

– Swimming begins early term 3, so if you have any outstanding permission forms or money, please settle these ASAP
– Athletics day is fast approaching and we are in need of parent volunteers, so if you have the time please return your child’s permission form with your availability for the day on the attached form

June 24, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Term Two – Week Ten

This Friday at Laburnum PS, everyone forgot to get dressed when they woke up and came to school. Everyone was in their pyjamas!
This term, the Junior School Council voted on having a pyjama day as a chance to raise some money for various charities. Students and teachers alike, came to school dressed in their night time gear for a gold coin donation.
Pyjama day was a a great success and students came dressed as all sorts of princesses, animals, athletes and many more. The best part was that we were all warm and very comfortable all day, and didn’t have to change for bed when we all got home!

We all wished that we could have pyjama day everyday!

June 17, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Term Two – Week Nine

On Friday afternoon, students from all year levels were part of the STARS program. Students are each given a group which has students from every year level and participate in activities run in another part of the school, other than their classroom. This program is wonderful for getting students out of the comfort zone of their own class and getting to know other students from the school.
Students participated in a number of getting to know you games ice breaker games to help them feel more comfortable with the students in their group.
As this was the third STARS program lesson, students have started to really come out of their shells and are developing relationships with students they would not have otherwise. It has been great to witness the middle to upper school students take on leadership roles and assist students from lower year levels in activities and games.

June 17, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Term Two – Week Eight

This week Laburnum Primary School was extremely fortunate that Mrs Keogh from the library organised a book fair. Students from every class were invited into the library between Monday and Wednesday to browse all of the wonderful books that were delivered to the school and create wish lists of some books they might like to purchase. Then from Thursday to Friday, students were able to actually purchase some of the books from their wish lists. The book fair was a great success and we all want to extend our gratitude to Mrs Keogh for organising the whole thing!

Image result for lamont book fair

June 17, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Term Two – Week Seven

This week Year 3 students were lucky enough to go on an excursion to Edendale Farm. This was a great excursion that students greatly enjoyed! They were involved in 5 activity rotations, including a tour of the farm, decorating and staining bags, replanting tree cut off, a water insect hunt and an interesting, interactive discussion about the dangers of littering.
We all had a wonderful day and can’t thank the staff at Edendale Farm for running such a wonderfully informative and well structured program.

May 26, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Term Two – Week 6

This week all students at Laburnum were fortunate enough to be part of National Simultaneous Story Time. On Wednesday at 11.15am schools across Australia and New Zealand logged in and watched Jay Laga’aia (from Play School) read Tony Wilson and Laura Wood’s Hickory Dickory Dash. The students really enjoyed being part of this exciting event and thought the picture book was a wonderful choice!

Meetings/rehearsals for the Year 3 Dance Group started on Friday lunchtime and will continue to be held every Friday lunchtime for the rest of the term. If your child would like to join the dance group but has not returned their permission form, I have attached a copy of the permission form to this post, so they can join in.
Year 3 Dance Group notice-16xtvpg

Reminder: On Wednesday 30th May students will be going on an excursion to Edendale Farm. There is a reminder notice attached to this post about what students need to remember for the day.
Reminder for Edendale-1zr9svv

May 13, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Term Two – Week Four

This week Year 3 students were lucky enough to have another visit from third year Pre-Service Teachers from Deakin University. Groups have been working on a variety of exciting scientific topics including forces.

Jim with his parachute

We want to congratulate all of the runners that participated in the district running on Wednesday!

This coming week:

  • Just a reminder that Monday is a student free day
  • Naplan:
    Language Conventions and Writing are on Tuesday
    Reading is on Wednesda
    Numeracy is on Thursday


May 7, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Term Two – Week Three

Friday afternoon of week 3, students participated in this year’s first STARS (Student Teams Are Really Special) session – making chatterboxes to assist them in getting to know each other better. STARS groups are made up of students from prep up to year 6 and gives students who would not normally work together a chance to get to know each other.

Students are reminded that there will be a Mother’s Day stall set up in Week 4, with gifts ranging from $1 to $7, so they are reminded to bring some money on the day their class is scheduled to purchase gifts (timetable in last week’s newsletter).

Week 4 is also the week that our students will run in the District Cross Country if they were fortunate enough to make it through to this round. We wish all of our runners the best of luck!

Notices for swimming in term 3 have gone home, if you have any questions about this program do not hesitate to speak to one of the year 3 teachers.

I have attached some information about the Science Club which will be starting up again next week for year 3, run by Jan TrendMorning Science Club is Back-178db8t

April 22, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Term 2 – Week One

Busy first week back at school for the year 3s!

This week the year 3s were fortunate enough to attend a performance by the Ubunto African Dance Group. The performers traveled to Australia from Uganda and Kenya and are touring parts of Australia with their dances and music. The students were invited to participate in playing the drums and leading some dances. They were given the opportunity to ask questions and learnt that some people from Uganda and Kenya have to walk to a nearby well to collect water for their homes.

Ubunto Dance Performance

Ubunto Dance Performance

Ubunto Dance Performance

Just a little reminder that students must wear their hats until April 3o!

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