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August 17, 2017
by cfarrelly

SunSmart Schools

Last night, School Council ratified a number of school policies, including the updated SunSmart policy. This recognises that UV reaches 3, which signals the need for sun protection, at around mid-August and continues through to April.

All students at LPS are asked to bring their hat from the start of next week.



August 7, 2017
by cfarrelly

Term 3 Events

Here are some events to add to your calendar:

  • Friday 11 August: STARS (no assembly)
  • Monday 14th August: Curriculum Day
  • Tuesday 15th August: UNSW Testing 7:45 (optional, see the newsletter for more information)
  • Wednesday 16th August: Woolworths excursion
  • Thursday 17th August: Athletics Day
  • Wednesday 23rd: Leigh Hobbs incursion
  • Saturday August 26th: Year 3 & 4 Working Bee
  • Thursday 24th August: Packaging Expo 2:45-3:30om
  • Friday 25th August: Book Week dress up
  • Thursday 7th September: Gala Night


August 2, 2017
by cfarrelly

How does food get to my plate?

This week, as part of our inquiry unit ‘How does food get to my plate?’, the year 3 students are looking at various types of packaging from processed foods and analysing the effectiveness of the packaging in terms of colour, size, sustainability and design.

In the coming weeks the students will begin to plan, design and produce their own sustainable packing. Watch this space!

July 26, 2017
by cfarrelly

Week 2

It has been wonderful chatting with parents about their child’s schooling and future learning targets during the parent/teacher interviews this week. If you haven’t met with your child’s classroom teacher, please make an appointment.

Some things to be working on at home include reading aloud with follow-up questions about inferences within the texts, practice of the multiplication tables and reading time to the minute. This website is a great way to practice singing the multiplication tables. WARNING: you may be humming the tunes all day and even in your sleep!

July 21, 2017
by cfarrelly

Welcome Back

Teachers and students alike have enjoyed the Learning to Learn focus as a beginning to Term 3. Positive Education has been a priority and has been implemented through the following activities.

  • Passion: The students have published their own stories about their personal passion and the character strengths required to achieve this goal.
  • Team Building: The students have participated in a variety of team building sport rotations.
  • Gratitude: the students have created their personal gratitude book in which they will enter a weekly entry throughout the term.
  • Social Stories: the students have created their own list of strategies that they implement in order to cope with frustration and anger.

Texts that we have shared with the students include:

  • Incredible You
  • Harrison Sings
  • The Red Beast

July 19, 2017
by cfarrelly


A reminder that parent/teacher interviews are next week. Although the online booking system has closed, you can still call your child’s classroom teacher to arrange an interview time. Please be in contact ASAP.

June 19, 2017
by cfarrelly

Radio Rockstar

Today the Year 3 students were lucky to be involved with a 91.1FM ‘The Voice Of The Inner East’ radio broadcast. Rae Bonney hosted a segment with Harrison Craig, winner of the second The Voice Australia series, to promote his new book ‘Harrison Sings’. ‘Harrison’s Song’ tells the true story of a boy who overcomes a stutter through persistence and performance. Before the live broadcast, students brainstormed questions to ask Harrison. Laburnum student Rory then interviewed Harrison live in the studio so that the Laburnum students and many inner east listeners could learn more about this special story.

Harrison's Song        

A special thank you to Rae (Rory’s mum) for including Laburnum Primary in this special broadcast and for her donation of a signed copy of Harrison Sings to our library.

The Year 3 students recommend you have  a listen to our community radio in the car or streaming online at http://3wbc.org.au/streaming/


You can listen to the interview at:

42905.500047 3WBC Mon 19 Jun 2017 12_00 PM.wav

Image result for harrison sings       






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