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August 19, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Term Three – Week Five

Well done to all the families that remembered it was a pupil free day at school on Monday! Teachers were involved in a wonderful professional learning day about Working Memory and our teaching practice benefits greatly from learning such as this.

This week students continued to develop their knowledge and understanding of fractions, with a focus on equivalent fractions, using a variety of hands on activities.
Fractions are everywhere, all around us in our everyday lives, so it is important that students develop a good understanding of them.
Ways to help from home:
– Model a positive attitude towards maths
– Involve students in cooking/baking activities where the measuring of ingredients is necessary
– If you’re eating pizza for dinner, ask your child what fraction of the pizza they ate, what about mum/dad/siblings?
– Ask your child for help sharing out food – how many pieces are there? How many people are there? What fraction of the food will each person get?

During reading and writing lessons students have been working on understanding, interpreting and creating their own non-fiction texts. Many students have been very surprised to discover how interesting non-fictions texts can be and have been enthusiastically sharing facts they have learned. Ask them to share some of these interesting facts with you at home!

– District Athletics permission notices went home this week for students that made the team, please remember to send these back to school and to remind your child to attend before school practices
– The Laburnum Gala night is this coming Thursday 23rd August. The event is to start at 7pm and if your child is involved, they are asked to be dropped off and signed in by 6.45pm
– Book Week dress up day is this coming Friday 24th August. Students are asked to dress up as a book character and bring a gold coin donation
– Father’s Day Breakfast notices were sent home last week. If your family would like to attend the breakfast on Friday 31st August please send the notice back to school ASAP

August 12, 2018
by lizsouvatzis


Recently, millions of school aged children have been taken over by the latest computer game craze ‘Fortnite.’ For those who are unaware of the game, it is a shooter-style online game which can be played individually or in groups of 2 or 4. Players begin the game with nothing and must scavenge using a map to find supplies and weapons. Players then work to eliminate one another and aim to be the last one standing; a round can last about 20 minutes, and the game cannot be paused once it has been started – thus we are seeing many children refusing to look away from the screen.
Although this game has been played by many primary school aged children around the world, it is important to remember that the game is rated 13+, therefore is not recommended for children in primary school.
The game is free to play on any device and the creator makes money by selling in-game items (using real money) that give the player no advantage during play and only permit the player to personalise their character. So if you are going to allow your child to play this game, they DO NOT need your credit card to play, or win.
Voice chat is not required and can be switched off.
If you do choose to allow your child to play this game, please ensure that they are not playing instead of reading their take-home reader or ‘just right’ book every night.

August 10, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Term Three – Week Four

Congratulations to all the students that participated in and completed the swimming program!
During Wednesday’s lesson, students wore clothes into the pool and took part in a life-saving program where they learnt important skills in case they ever come across any danger while around water. Students learnt to always swim in pairs and to float on their back if they get into a hairy situation before yelling for help.
Thank you so much to all of our wonderful parent volunteers that helped us with bus and pool duty, you all helped the program run extremely smoothly!

– Monday is a student free day at school! Please remember not to show up 🙂
– The Laburnum Gala is quickly approaching (13 days) and the Year 3s have been working hard to learn the dance they will be performing. Ms Souvatzis has a copy of the dance she is happy to save onto a USB for students to practice at home – if there is no USB available, she has some spares she is willing to lend out.


August 7, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Term Three – Week Three

Thank you to all the parents/carers and teachers that put in so much time this week to make our parent/teacher interviews run so smoothly!
I’m sure we speak for all when we say we all really enjoyed the time we had to discuss each child’s progress and growth. It’s a wonderful time to raise and share some of the wonderful learning each student has been a part of, and also to raise any concerns that teachers or parents may have in regards to each individual.

This week we also started our annual swimming program, and it has gone off without a hitch! From buses arriving and leaving on time, to students remembering to bring everything they need and changing as quickly as they can so that we can get back to school on time. It’s a really great program, as it is imperative that every child in Australia knows how to swim and we’re so lucky that we get so many parent volunteers to help keep it running well!

– One more week of swimming to go (Students bring shorts and t-shirts to swim in on Wednesday)
– Father’s Day breakfast money
– For those in Dance Group, bring in a USB so that Ms Souvatzis can copy a video of the dance onto it to take home to practice

August 6, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Term Three – Week Two

This week all Year 3 to 6 students participated in Athletics Day at Tom Kelly Athletics Track. The day ran very smoothly and the students had such a great time participating in a variety of events, including hurdles, triple jump, long jump and many more. We cannot thank Mr Connor and everyone who helped with the organisation of the day enough! It was a jam packed day that we look forward to repeating next year!

Congratulations to all those students that participated, with a special mention to the students that completed the 800m race. What a sight!

Year 3 boys waiting to start their hurdles race

Some Year 3 girls waiting to start their hurdles race

July 22, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Term Three – Week One

Welcome back for Term 3!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed some much needed rest 🙂

We jumped straight in this week with another Learning to Learn program to assist students to settle back into the school routine and to reestablish expectations.

On Friday after recess, students and teachers were rewarded with a wonderful puppet show put on by Camp Quality – a wonderful organisation that support young people who are affected by cancer. They also provide free education in the form of puppet shows for students in schools to help them better understand what those living with cancer face everyday and also eliminate myths surrounding cancer and create supportive communities for those affected.
Both students and teachers got a lot out of this comic program and we all walked away having learned something new.

The students getting involved in the puppet ‘battle’

Miss Marshall being a superhero – making kids laugh

– Parent/teacher interview times are now open for booking, don’t forget to book in soon before all suitable times are taken!
– If you have any outstanding Athletics or Swimming forms that need to be handed it, please do this on Monday – if you are free and are able to volunteer to help on the day of Athletics, please let your child’s teacher know
– Students should be reading every night. Over the holidays, understandably, students often reduce how often they read, though now that we are back please encourage your child to read every night!

July 14, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Term Two – Week Eleven

Busy as bees for the last week of term 2!
A major focus in Year 3 this week was our ‘Is It Alive’ Inquiry unit. Students worked hard to create informative posters about a native Australian plant or animal using the MRSGREN (movement, respiration, sensitivity, growth, reproduction, excretion, nutrition) acronym to characterise it as living.
All the Year 3 teachers were extremely impressed by the work that students produced and loved learning interesting facts that students found.

We hope everyone enjoys their 2 weeks break and rests up, ready for a busy term 3!

– Swimming begins early term 3, so if you have any outstanding permission forms or money, please settle these ASAP
– Athletics day is fast approaching and we are in need of parent volunteers, so if you have the time please return your child’s permission form with your availability for the day on the attached form

June 24, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Term Two – Week Ten

This Friday at Laburnum PS, everyone forgot to get dressed when they woke up and came to school. Everyone was in their pyjamas!
This term, the Junior School Council voted on having a pyjama day as a chance to raise some money for various charities. Students and teachers alike, came to school dressed in their night time gear for a gold coin donation.
Pyjama day was a a great success and students came dressed as all sorts of princesses, animals, athletes and many more. The best part was that we were all warm and very comfortable all day, and didn’t have to change for bed when we all got home!

We all wished that we could have pyjama day everyday!

June 17, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Term Two – Week Nine

On Friday afternoon, students from all year levels were part of the STARS program. Students are each given a group which has students from every year level and participate in activities run in another part of the school, other than their classroom. This program is wonderful for getting students out of the comfort zone of their own class and getting to know other students from the school.
Students participated in a number of getting to know you games ice breaker games to help them feel more comfortable with the students in their group.
As this was the third STARS program lesson, students have started to really come out of their shells and are developing relationships with students they would not have otherwise. It has been great to witness the middle to upper school students take on leadership roles and assist students from lower year levels in activities and games.

June 17, 2018
by lizsouvatzis

Term Two – Week Eight

This week Laburnum Primary School was extremely fortunate that Mrs Keogh from the library organised a book fair. Students from every class were invited into the library between Monday and Wednesday to browse all of the wonderful books that were delivered to the school and create wish lists of some books they might like to purchase. Then from Thursday to Friday, students were able to actually purchase some of the books from their wish lists. The book fair was a great success and we all want to extend our gratitude to Mrs Keogh for organising the whole thing!

Image result for lamont book fair

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